A few recent photos of my girls…

I was playing with Tinkerbell and Sadie, and while my attention was on Sadie, Tink found some new friends.  I looked up and my brain took a few clicks to realise not all of the mice on Abby-Bunny's lap weren't stuffed.  At one point, Tink was cuddling with Gosig Mus.  Gosig is from Ikea (gosig … Continue reading A few recent photos of my girls…


Lucy’s Diet

Our poor not so little Lucy mouse went to the vet, today.  For the past few weeks, she's had some patchiness on her face from excessive scratching, and... excuse my graphic-ness... mushy, smelly poo.  She has been acting fine, eating and drinking as she should, and runs the wheel and saucer surprisingly fast for a … Continue reading Lucy’s Diet

More Mice

We've had some changes to the mouse colony. Last I wrote about them, we had Ruby, Pippa, and Teddy (properly called Theodora). That was in May.  The Brit and I got married August 30, and after 3 busy days of wedding and post-wedding day trips, we were excited to relax and play with the mice.  … Continue reading More Mice


As you may know, I have pet mice.  I love mice.  It started when I was a child collecting mouse figures and toys and watching way too many Disney films (if that's possible).  When I got older and had money to spend, I started a collection of Charming Tails figurines. When Shooshie was a teenager, … Continue reading Ruby