Stuffed Winter Squashes

I wanted to try something new for dinner the other night, and came up with this idea, inspired by the lovely winter squashes at Sprouts and the fall fare at Trader Joe's.   I chose 1 each Red Kurl and Acorn squash.  Acorn squash was nothing new to me, but the Brit had never had … Continue reading Stuffed Winter Squashes


Market Test: Pizza Rolls

Market Test # 798:  Pizza Rolls- Michelina's vs Totino's. By the way, I make these numbers up.  I can't keep count of how many of these silly "market tests" I have done over the years.  But let's continue, shall we? I remember pizza rolls- Jeno's, who later sold to Totino's, being the first to market … Continue reading Market Test: Pizza Rolls