Yep, it’s me.

Neo-Victorian lady seeks polite gentleman for afternoon tea and s…  Oh, wait.  Wrong site!

I am a techno-tard (from the Meggie Dictionary: [TEK-no-tard] someone who is technologically challenged; a person with little understanding of modern technology; a person who must constantly bug either her genius kid, or her super-programmer fiance’ husband to operate such modern-day marvels as computers, cell phones, TiVo’s, and television remote controls.)  Despite my trepidation toward anything invented after the upright freezer, I do enjoy my iRiver (my daughter laughs at me for still owning this), MMORPG’s, email, and my Keurig (best $125 ever spent!).  Yet, here I am blogging, for crikey’s sake!  Don’t get me wrong, I still tip-toe around technology.  I started this blog business in hopes of promoting my Etsy shoppe (please see links under “My Shoppe”), but I find that it’s just fun in its own right.  I have a lot to say, and being home alone all day, I get bored talking to myself, so now I can yammer away to the Internet, and all you gentle readers 🙂  And I look forward to “chatting” with people here, too.

I am a creative person in many areas.  My current interests, in no particular order, are photography, gardening, jewelry making, miscellaneous craftiness, building furniture, history, World of Warcraft, and dollhouses.  I collect toy china tea sets, books, and rocks.  I used to collect dollhouses, and had 5 at one time, but I’ve moved across the country a few times and they are not easy to pack, so I am down to 1.  For now.

This blog is going to be a “caboodle” (one of my favourite words) of “things and stuff and shenanigans”, and if you toodle through, you’ll find out a lot more about me.  I hope you will find something fun or inspirational here.


Supporting Cast:

Shooshie– my “superiorly-gifted”, incredibly hilarious, sarcastic, creative, adult (debatable) daughter.

The Brit– my 6’4″ British ex-pat fiance’ husband who I met playing World of Warcraft from 5 states away.



2 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Hi Raven,

    I just had a friend tell me about your blog. I recently started my own blog on here and saw your post regarding gun control where you reposted my article in January. I just wanted to thank you for sharing it and I’m glad you found it worthy.


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