Rescue Pets

I haven’t been writing like I said I was going to.  I want to.  I have so many projects started to share!

And now I am starting a new one.

In an effort to help the cause of homeless animals, I am starting a new section to my blog:  Rescue Pets.  I will feature a new pet in need every week in hopes of spreading the word.  Please share with your friends, family, co-workers, on your own blog, on Facebook… anywhere that will get the word out and, hopefully, find homes for some of these little sweeties.  Before you buy a pet, please consider rescuing.  If you rescue any of the pets I share, or a different pet from a featured facility, I’d love to know.  PLEASE do leave a comment about your rescue  🙂

For more about Shasta, other pets in need, and The Shelter Pet Project, just click the picture.  Look at that beautiful, loving face!  I can’t have you myself (or I certainly would), so I hope this helps, Shasta!


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