Bird Cage Garden Re-mix

Three years ago, I found a lovely metal bird cage at Ross that just begged for a mini-garden, and planted succulents in it for my balcony garden.  It flourished and needed thinning once or twice, and recently the plants got a bit thick, so when I was gardening on my new balcony last week, I decided it was time to freshen it up with some new plants.

Here’s the original planting from 2013…

And before the re-furbishment last week…

And the newly finished product…


It is a bit sparse at this point, but if history repeats itself, it won’t take long to fill in.  I kept the big spikey plant (if anyone knows the name, I’d be grateful for the information) because I felt it needed a larger plant as an anchor.  I positioned it near the cage door so I can eventually snip the offset from the stem to re-root.  I put in new cactus soil, too.

The plants I took out of the cage, along with re-roots from others are here (the dish garden is my “re-root nursery”…

I love gardening in any form, and got absolutely hung up on succulents a few years ago, planting them in anything and everywhere I could fit them.  I gave most of my plants away when we moved from Irvine to San Jose- our lovely maintenance man was so excited to take them to his garden-loving wife, and I was thrilled that they were going to a good home- though I have a few re-roots and a few new purchases since we’ve been up here.

Our balcony is not very big, and certainly not as big as our place just prior to this one, where we actually had 1 big one and 2 smaller ones, but I was able to utilise a storage shelf no longer needed for storage and a couple of railing planters to make the most of the space.img_2445


My $4 half-dead Ikea palm tree has done well since I bought it last year.  The bent fronds have even straightened and strengthened up.

The hummingbirds enjoy it, too.


By the way, Arizona Iced Tea gallon jugs make great watering cans.  Recycle & reuse, right?

Since last weekend when I did my gardening and took these pictures, 2 of my Christmas cacti have buds (my brother, et al sent a lovely blooming plant last year that I had to separate into 3 pots by spring!)…


My chrysanthemum from last year bloomed a little more…


And a pink mini-rose bush (yet to be potted) followed me home from the grocery store.  That happens sometimes with plants and animals.




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