Someday, Soon, Someday, Soon!

A year ago, we decided to buy a house.  The Brit has never owned one of these contraptions.  I played real estate agent until we found the right place last April.  Soon a stack of colour charts, carpet and tile samples, and pictures of house-y stuff we liked became an extra end table in our living room.  I made a Pinterest board entitled “For the Soon House”.  We made sure our credit was worthy and saved up enough for the initial down-payment and then some.  That money was to be paid this past August, and they would start building shortly thereafter.  We would be moving in in March 2015.

That seems like a long time ago.

I haven’t blogged in a long time because our world got turned upside down with one thing after another, and I just had no energy for writing.  I had a few false starts.  It wouldn’t stick.  I eventually tearfully renamed the Pinterest board “The Someday House”, and have continued to pore with great melancholy over all the wonderful blogs and pins about house-y things that I so longed for.

The house?  Oh, yeh.  Things happened, and there was stuff… and shenanigans….

And we ended up moving from Southern California to the Bay Area, and the house money got used up in a period of unemployment prolonged by 2 months by the process of fighting immigration to keep The Brit in the country because of a work visa mess up.

Sometimes the Universe kicks you in the rear-end to get you to do something you should be doing but won’t because you don’t know it, yet.

The Brit got an unexpected offer from a bigger and even better company than he was working for (and the one he was at was pretty doggone good).  Hence the move.

I know it doesn’t all make sense to you, but that’s really all that matters for that part of the story.  It’s all in the past, and it’s time to move on.  And in May 2015, it will be time to move IN.

We bought a house just this evening.  The Pinterest board is now called “For the Up-coming House!”

I recently watched several seasons of International House Hunters on Netflix -in a rather short span of time (don’t judge me and my potato chips *grimace*).

A realtor told one of the subject couples that there was no such thing as “the perfect (Parisian) apartment”, nor the perfect place when you have a budget.  You have to make sacrifices, and in the process you find out what’s really important to you.  This is true unless you are building the house yourself.  I can’t do that anymore, so we have to make a few accommodations.

#1)  About 10 minutes farther from The Brit’s work than we’d prefer.  In Bay Area traffic, that does matter because if you miss the “window” it’ll be twice as long a trip.

#2)  Laundry room on 1st floor, bedrooms on 3rd.  Yes.  3 floors.

#3)  Not 1 flight of stairs but 2.

#4)  A side courtyard rather than a proper backyard of any kind.

But that’s OK because:

#1)  It’s a brand new, well-built home well within our budget (which allows a little room for options and upgrades), which is impossible to find closer to the office.

#2)  The resale value will be excellent in a fairly short time, especially with all the revitalisation and preservation of the town going on.

#3)  The stairs will be good exercise.

#4)  We don’t have to buy a lawn-mower.  I can do container gardening.

I won’t bother to list all the other *good* things about the house.  We’ll keep it fair to the Cons and keep the lists even.  For now.

In the next week or 2, The Brit and I will invade visit the “design studio” to choose our colours, flooring, options, upgrades, etc.  Until then, I’ll be digging out all those colour charts and pictures, and adding to the Pinterest board.  It would be neat to see some of your pins for home ideas, if you’d like to post some here.  I always enjoy seeing what others find and create in their own homes.



3 thoughts on “Someday, Soon, Someday, Soon!

  1. A delightful post that made me laugh. Thanks for sharing this update and surviving all those shenanigans. Way to look at the bright side of things, and 3 flights IS good exercise. And I’m all about container gardening in my small suburban lot. All the best and may MAY come quickly! How exciting. Cheers, Gina

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