Well, It’s Been A While…

Hello from my *new* window!  Redwood City, California, that is.  Wow… what a surprise these past few months have been.

Back in late July, we moved North from Irvine for The Brit-now-Hubby (I need a shorter misnomer for him) to take a new job with an even bigger company than before.  It presents a great opportunity for him to do even bigger things and make a positive impact on people.

On top of our new location and his improved career, I’ve had a few more annoying skirmishes with my health, crazy paperwork with a spousal visa application, my dad dealing with some cancer (he’s good, now!), and several changes to the mouse colony.  We’re all getting back on track, though, and it’s time to re-open the Window.

While I haven’t been posting myself, I have been reading my bloggers when I can, and keeping up with those of you on Pinterest.

So this is just a brief HELLO, AGAIN! as I get my supplies unpacked, my creative juices flowing, and life on the road back to a new normal.



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