Aliso and Wood Canyon Park

A few shots from our 4.5 mile easy-trail hike at Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

This bunny was still in the same spot, only a few yards from the main trail, 20 minutes later when we came back that way.



This fella puffed himself up as we came upon him around a bend in the trail.  After a few moments of being still, he chilled out and allowed me to get this nice shot of him.  He was probably around 10 inches long.



I envy the people who live in the houses on top of the hills overlooking this park.  It’s really lovely.



It was my idea to take an alternate path on the way back to try and find the “Dripping Cave” that we missed on the way in.  The Brit remarked that he thought we were at the end of the trail and would have to double back.  I insisted that all the trails surely would intersect the main.  A short while later we found the crossing to get back.  Four sets of extremely uneven, steep “stairs” cut into the clay led us down the bank about 80 feet to this little crossing, which was followed by 1 more set of stairs back up.  We laughed and “oh- no’d” our way along.  The Brit was afraid I would get dizzy and fall (I was pretty worn out by the time we made it this far).  The water wasn’t deep, but neither of us wanted to slip and end up with wet shorts.



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