TARDIS Terrarium

“Oh, Thalita!”  I did it again.

A few months ago, I made a simple terrarium for my husband’s desk at work.  They had moved the office around and he ended up in front of this fantastic window that was just begging for some plant life.  I asked, he loved the idea, but, honestly, I didn’t expect it to last long considering he’s a man with a self-proclaimed black thumb.

Every week I asked if he watered the terrarium.

“Not too much, right?”

“Just a spoonful.  You think that’s enough?”

*inner eye-roll*  “Is it drooping?”


“Is it turning yellow, or brown?”


Then one day, his answer was, “No, but it’s getting kind of crowded.”


“Yeh.  Actually, it’s climbing out the top of the jar.”

So off I went to his office to see for myself.  Surely, I was misunderstanding.  After all, this is a man who calls cookies “biscuits” and fries “chips” (I never know if he wants potato chips or fries!).

Holy cow!  He wasn’t kidding.  The thing was spewing out the top and squished inside the glass.  I brought it home to replant.

Thus, began the search for a larger container because, obviously, plants in front of this window were going to grow quickly and large, and I needed something bigger on the inside than the jar I had originally planted for him.  I wanted something unusual, but after a week of not finding the right thing, I gave in and decided to run to Ikea for one of their pretty-but-usual-terrarium glass containers.

A black metal candle lantern caught my eye.  Hmmmm… But wait… That doesn’t look like “just” a lantern to me. lantern

I stopped at Michael’s on the way home- how convenient it was along my route- and got some FolkArt outdoor paint for metal.  In blue.  What we, in our house, call “TARDIS blue”, to be precise.

Uh oh.  Spoilers!

Then I searched Pinterest for printables and found this guy’s fantastic TARDIS project along with the signs for said blue box.  After some thought, I decided to Mod Podge the paper prints directly to the glass (removable) panels.

I had some other ideas on how/what to do, but opted for this simple design considering it was going to be in front of a big window and full of plants.

I thinned, trimmed, and replanted the succulents from the original terrarium and added a Kalanchoe I had re-rooted a little while ago.  I have 2 dozen pieces re-rooting for my next project, along with 3 whole plants that had sprouted in the past 3 months since I made the terrarium.

Did I mention we’re Whovians?

tardis4 tardis3 tardis2 tardis1

Yes, that is the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver.  It is actually a real mini-screwdriver set inside which comes in handy for my crafting.  I have the 10th Doctor’s screwdriver, too; it’s a pen.


2 thoughts on “TARDIS Terrarium

  1. OH MY GOSH! I love this SO much! Thank you for this brilliant idea. I’m making this for my husband – a huge Dr. Who fan. You are so clever! Thanks again for sharing this. I am totally motivated to get this lantern at IKEA today and make this as a surprise. Cheers, Gina

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