My Christmas Arrangement 2013

Every holiday season I create a floral arrangement.  This year, I had a small pile of Douglas fir bits that needed to be trimmed off our Christmas tree, the annual cinnamon pine cones, a couple of cute red birds I found at the 99cent Store, a couple of berry picks I pieced out, and an idea I saw on Pinterest that I’ve been dying to try.

Only, I couldn’t find a miniature pine tree for the project.  So I built one.

Start with a wood bead, the base your scene will stand on to measure for size, and a greenery pick from the craft store.  I chose a plastic pick because it would be sturdy and it was the shape I needed.  It looked a bit like an Arborvitae branch, which is a type of cypress.  I snipped it into pieces, using the natural sizes of the sections to determine the various bunches I needed.

xmasfloral2The silvery base I used was the end from a Pillsbury Grands refrigerated biscuit package.

I globbed some hot glue on top of the bead and laid my first branch.  Alternating the direction they pointed, I kept piling hot glue and greenery until I had a 2 layer circle of the longest branches.


Then I took the next smallest bunch and did the same, putting the hot glue in the center of the assembly each time.

I kept going, using 5 different size branches.


Don’t worry about the hot glue threads.  If you pull them off while the glue is still soft, you’ll pull your branches off kilter.  On the 3rd size branch, the tree was starting to take shape.  I used 2-3 layers of each size, depending on how many of each size I had.


Here, all the branches are layered except for a few of the smallest pieces.  The top of the tree is flat at this point, so I took a medium length, thin piece to stand straight up for the top and added a few tiny pieces around it to fill in.


And here it is.  The hot glue created a sturdy center, but it takes a bit of manipulating the smaller branches because the heat of the glue makes them want to curl up a bit.  Be patient- and watch your fingers!  The tree measures about 3-1/2″ from base to tippy-top.


Epsom salt for sparkly snow!  Mark off where your tree will sit and spread glue all over the rest of your base, then press into a pile of Epsom salt.  I used the hot glue so it would dry fast, but white glue would work, too.  Now, glop hot glue onto the base and a little inside the wood bead trunk of your tree.  The glue in the bead slides down to meet the glue at on the base to make a strong anchor.

A tiny cardinal is “here to stay”!

*~*    But I’m not done, yet!    *~*


xmasfloral7I’ve seen this on Pinterest… inverted wine glass snow globes and candle holders.

Here’s the finished arrangement.  I used a clear glass bowl that fit the mouth of the wine glass to add a bit of height and keep the metal base from rusting from watering the arrangement (which is set into green floral foam).  I filled it halfway with Epsom salt, set the base/tree in it, and put the wine glass over.  Then I added a battery-operated string of LED lights from Ikea for more sparkle.




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