The Lost and Broken Realm, by Chris Arnone

If there is one thing I love doing, it’s helping new artists find their way into the light of their dreams.

20131114133722-BookCover_2This talented chap ^ ^  from Kansas City, Missouri, USA is one I am excited to see succeed in his dream of becoming a published authour.

My daughter has worked with Chris for several months now on the BlizzPro website and its associated podcasts.  For those of you who are not familiar, BlizzPro is one of the biggest fan-sites in the country (maybe even the world!) for all games Blizzard Entertainment.  Shooshie and I have been playing the game currently known as World of Warcraft for the entire 9 years of the game’s incarnation, and have dabbled in a couple of their other titles, as well.  I mention this because Blizzard is awesome and WoW is one of the best games ever I want you understand that BlizzPro and Chris are not just little, fly-by-night, fluff.  BlizzPro is serious business, and Chris and his crew have worked very hard to create a fantastic experience for Blizzard games fans.

My point is, I know of Chris through Shoosh, and am familiar with his talent and his personality.  I like him.  I like his work.  And that is why I am posting this article to try and help him attain his goal.  He deserves it.

Right now, Chris has a campaign on Idiegogo to help fund publishing, production, and marketing of his first novel.  There are some very cool perks for contributions, including acknowledgement in the book, an eBook “copy” of your very own, original artwork, and physical copies of the book.  The campaign ends December 16, 2013, with releases of the book to be December for digital and January for hard copy.

If you have a buck or 2 to spare and enjoy helping up-and-coming artists as much as I do, please check out Chris’ campaign for “The Lost and Broken Realm”.


From his Goodreads authour profile, Chris Arnone

Besides, any man who can wear a kilt, is A+ in my book!


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