Gifts That Give

Hey friends! It’s that time of year again: Holiday Gift Shopping.


Please consider “gifts that give” from places like The Animal Rescue Site. I have purchased a variety of goodies from them, from jewelry to toys, over the past 10 years and have never been disappointed.  They have all kinds of neat stuff.


AND… Every purchase sponsors food for shelter animals, and there are plenty of symbolic adoption gifts and gifts that provide supplies, as well, which is a nice alternative for those who have everything. We adopted a snow owl in my mother’s name for her birthday this year and she was truly thrilled.


AND…  When you shop from Greater Good, you also have an opportunity to support Fair Trade in countries all over the world.

Please, take a browse through the Greater Good gift shop and support the puppies and kitties (or any of the other charities listed at the top of the link page)!

AND…  While you’re there, take a moment to CLICK to provide much needed services to these charities.  Two seconds of your time every day gives food for shelter animals, mammograms to women in need, food and shelter for homeless veterans, books for needy children, protects rainforests… and more.


I’ve been CLICKING every day for 10 years and am thrilled

to have gotten a lot of my friends and family to do the same.



Here is a link to their blog for more information and stories about how your CLICKS are making a difference.

CLICK HERE!  >>>>>>>>


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