Overlord Bunny’s Extra Life Charity Stream! Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children?!

Overlord Bunny’s Extra Life Charity Stream! Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children?!

This is my kid!  I will probably be joining her for part of the time to play some Warcraft or Hearthstone, just to keep her moving along.

All Children’s Hospital, St. Pete, Florida, did indeed save her life when she was 6 months old.  We rushed to the ER there one night because she was starting to wheeze and had trouble breathing on the 3rd day of what we thought was a cold.  They got her back and checked out toot-sweet, concerned she had pneumonia, which is kind of life-threatening in such a young infant.

The nurses, doctors, and check-in staff were wonderful to us, explaining every step of the way what they were doing, how Shooshie was responding, and what treatments were necessary.

She didn’t have pneumonia, and with some antibiotics and careful monitoring, she was better in a couple of weeks.  Years later, it was finally determined that she had an allergy to the molds that grow on the outside of citrus fruit- not the fruit itself.  Considering we lived in Florida, it was hard to escape this problem, as everyone on our block had at least 1 citrus tree of some kind.  So every October, as the citrus crops came ripe, Shoosh started a serious cough that lasted until the fruit was gone in March.  THAT is what happened that night, but we had no way of knowing it at the time.

We’ve always been grateful for the care and patience we received at All Children’s.




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