Recently, I read a blog from Professions For Peace about something called Affirmation Cards.  The idea is simple: remind yourself how awesome you really are despite your poor human frailties (that we ALL have).

I am not sure if she created them initially, or just uses them in her work, but Louise Hay is apparently credited with using affirmation and power thought cards and exercises in her philosophy.

Today, a friend posted a copy of a power thought card on FaceBook with a quote by Ms. Hay.  Synchronicity!

I-do-not-fix-problemsI had learned a similar concept as the quote above years ago from a former boyfriend.  He always said: “Change the way you think and you change the way you feel”.  The man of my life before him used to say:  “You have 2 choices in life: change it, or tolerate it”.

I’ve dated some pretty smart men 🙂

I like the affirmation card idea.  My daughter has an affirmation board in her room, above her computer desk where she spends most of her time.  Here, she pins memberships to professional organisations, positive fortune cookie fortunes, appreciation letters from people she has done work for… anything that feels like an accomplishment, things that make her feel good about herself.  Around this board, she has framed her award and completion certificates (like her graduation from mermaid school which is completely awesome to my mind!).  These things help her when she, as a lot of us do, struggles with herself.

You can make your own set of affirmation cards, and I think it would be a fun project.  As a matter of fact, I think making your own would be a big affirmation in itself!  Check Pinterest to see just how many people are doing this.  They make a nice gift for someone who could use a little extra love, too.

I don’t know all of Louise Hay’s beliefs, and I do not subscribe to any particular religious or spiritual group.  But whatever path you follow, I think affirmation cards are a good idea.

So here is an affirmation card I just whipped up using a photo of a cute little bird that came to have lunch with us one afternoon not long ago.  You can use anything for the artwork.  Be creative.  Use what makes you feel good.  Have fun with it!

affirmcard1And thank you, Gina of Professions For Peace, for a lovely blog post!


2 thoughts on “Affirmations

  1. Thank YOU for this delightful post. And I love the artwork you’ve brought into it as well. I apologize for the tardiness in my sending thanks for your very kind shout-out to me, as I have been away from the computer for a bit. So please accept my heartfelt hugs now! XO Love, Gina

    • No apologies, necessary, Gina 🙂 It was a great thing you posted about and I just wanted to share it further. We’ve got to spread that peace and positivity, don’t we?! Oh, and I have to tell you…. a couple of days after I read your post and wrote mine, I saw Ms Hay again on the cover of one of her books in the bookstore. Crazy when stuff like that happens. ::hugs:: back to you!

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