Tying The Knot


The day is almost here.  I am getting (re-)married on Friday, August 30.

Plans have changed and evolved since we set a date back in April upon my return from 2 weeks out of town.  (He really missed me.  I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.  Or afraid of having to do its own laundry for the rest of its life, I’m not sure which.)  And while we will be missing most of our family and friends due to some pretty impressive distances, time, and finance, we are making it special through the little details.  I’ve been crafting like a mad woman, with a few last minute projects that I have only just thought of this past week.  I blame Pinterest.

The Brit’s sister and her family, and my daughter and her fiance’ will be our only guests.  A picnic luncheon and wedding cake and tea in the park will follow a courthouse garden ceremony.  A few rounds of Bocce– our 7-year-old nephew is apparently quite the Bocce shark- will replace dancing.

Simple, quiet, but no less special.

Pictures will be forthcoming.  🙂


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