Fairy Doors!

A little Peace, Good Will goes a long way, no matter how small the source.

First, however…  please excuse the self-promotion, but I am really excited about my new project…

…here is a sneak peek at the fairy door I just made to list in my Etsy shop.  And I have a list of ideas for more.  Fairy doors make me happy.


This is the most inspired I’ve felt for weeks.  This article about Tony and his son inspires me even more.

Tony and 6-year-old Rio secretly installed a fairy door in a tree that had the most perfect place for one, in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California.  It attracted a plethora of visitors who left trinkets and notes “for the fairies”.  People loved it.

I *LOVE* That this family encourages the appreciation for magic and whimsy in their children.  Like one of my favourite bloggers, Kate of Kate’s Creative Space.  It is sooooo important to tap into a child’s creativity, no matter if it be in art, building, or computers.

Computers? you ask.  Yes, even those dastardly things.  Being (almost) married to a genius programmer, yet being the artsy-craftsy-buildy type myself, I have learned that even computer programming is a creative craft.  The Brit can “build” programs for which I can write dialogue, storyline, and setting descriptions to make something called a MUD or even just a text-based single-player RPG.  Just like cutting pieces of wood to assemble into a dollhouse, he assembles numbers and symbols and words into something imaginative and playable.

When we were playing Everquest 2, my favourite part of the game was the player housing (something I hope Blizzard will put into World of Warcraft!).  The game engine allows a limited manipulation of house objects, but The Brit wrote a simple layout editing program for me to use to manipulate things in even more ways to allow me to build anything from anything.  Like this bailey I created in an interior room of our guild hall. The way it’s set up, it appears that you walk outside of the guild hall; a chapel sits across the courtyard at the end of the pathway.  In fact, however, you’re walking into another room of the whole building.

The bailey- vendors, craft stations, trainers, banker, mailbox, portals

The bailey- vendors, craft stations, trainers, banker, mailbox, portals

This is what I started with.

This is what I started with.

I am a complete amateur compared to many builders in EQ2.  I have seen cathedrals, castles, pyramids, florist shops, trains, amusements parks, Fenway Park complete with press boxes and players on the field…  just amazing stuff.

Thanks to all those who create, no matter their medium.

Tony and Rio and their magical door!

And very special thanks, today, to Tony and Rio for providing a door for magic to visit our world!  Peace, Good Will to you both!


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