Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t…

No, no.  Not the typical kind of Meggie fall that results in a trip to the ER or chiropractor.

The kind of fall that occurs when you meet Mr Right.




The Brit has decided that we have called each other “fiancee’/fiance'” long enough.

We’re getting married.


I’ve been married once before, this is his first sentence time.  We are doing something intimate and small, as most of our family are across the country, or across the pond.  His sister, et al, Shoosh and her intended, and maybe a couple of local friends are on the invite list.

I am finding it was easier to plan the big wedding I had with my first marriage mistake.

We want something personal and special, of course.  A courthouse wedding is fine if that’s what you want, but we don’t.  Neither of us are religious, so we are looking for a personable officiant that would be willing to go “on location” and not be all “official” and blah.  There are a bunch of choices here in So-Cal, but it’s hard to think of choosing a stranger.  I considered presenting the idea to one of our friends of getting ordained with one of those online “ministries”, which a lot of the wedding officiant companies that I looked at use.  But which of them to ask to do such a “big deal” thing without hurting feelings?  There are tons of parks and beaches we could use as the spot if we decide to do an out-door/garden event.  Vows are fairly easy since we both have writing talent and know each other well enough to make it special to “us”.

What we have figured out:

The rings: 

Mine is coming from an interesting designer who creates pieces featured in the shop at the Animal Rescue Site, so while I am getting something lovely and unique, I am also helping to feed shelter animals.  This makes me extra happy.  His is coming from an Etsy store that has just the right unique style for him with Doctor Who-ish overtones.  They will coordinate well, too.  We wanted unique and personal, and liked the idea of supporting non-corporate, small-business types.  (Sorry, kids, you have to wait for pictures until after the event.)

The date:

August 31, 2013.

Yes.  That is it.  You see my dilemma.

What we need to figure out:


Who will do the ceremony?

How much photography is enough without going Hollywood about it?

What then?

What should I wear?    Is this not the dilemma of ALL women MOST of the time?

And so I appeal to you, dear readers, for any tips or ideas you may have to help me put together a small, simple-yet-memorable wedding.  You have 2 months.





2 thoughts on “Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t…

  1. Congrats! I hired a 17-year-old to photograph my wedding! She was great (and cheap). I’m pleased with my photos and she has some great shots for her portfolio. With so many amateur photographers out there, I’m sure you can find someone willing to shoot your wedding.

    • I never thought of that! We have 2 colleges in town, and I bet I could find a photography student! I LOVE the idea of helping someone out like that, too. Thanks for the awesome suggestion, Rachael! Going to write up and ad to post at the campuses 🙂 Thank you!!!!

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