What Is It With Evil Bunnies?

Eight years ago, Shooshie played the beta for a new game by a company called Blizzard.  I bought it for her as soon as it was released.  I didn’t pay it much mind at first, but then, one fateful day- yes, seriously fateful- I saw a purple-haired night elf galloping through a sparkly, ethereal forest to the dulcet sounds of orchestral music.


Shooshie enjoys relating to her friends how her mother would: “with a wistful expression on her face…” muse that: “‘It’s like D&D but without the paper'”.

(By the way, if you like Cheetos, she shares my awesome gamer sandwich recipe in that article.)

Shoosh hooked me up with a toon- an aqua-haired night elf druid called Talwyn- and, thus, began my own foray into the world of Azeroth, MMORPGs, and being a gamer chick.

Watch out for dragons and chiggers

Watch out for dragons and chiggers

OK, so I guess having played Voodoo Castle on the Commodore VIC20 and Dungeons and Dragons already qualified me as a gamer chick, but we didn’t call it that back then.  I was just a girl who played games.

A couple of months into it, and we started arguing over game time, so she bought me my own game for Mother’s Day, which was even more neat because we could play together, which was even MORE neat when she moved across the country and we could hang out and play together despite 3000 miles between us.

I have been playing World of Warcraft for 8 years, almost since the very beginning.  My techno-tardedness keeps me from being the expert Shoosh is, despite my long history with the game, but I will fear you into next Thursday with my level 82 human warlock, and death grip you like a python with my 81 DK.  I’ve tried every race and almost every class on alliance, and have remade a few old ally toons onto the horde side to join up with the guild Shooshie started a few months ago.

Aside from a year interruption because I thought real life needed more of my attention (turns out it didn’t), I played until just before Catalclysm, starting up again with the release of Pandaria.

Now, I was a protestor of the pandas as soon as I heard about it.  Pandas seemed completely ridiculous and nonsensical to me.  However, on release night, The Brit made me promise that I would make a panda and join in The Event that is a Blizzard expansion release.  I zoned in to Panda-land on the stroke of midnight with a smirk and a sigh.

I was wrong.

Did you get that, people?  You won’t see/hear me say it often because it so rarely happens.  I. Was. Wrong.

Though the idea of the panda race is still odd to me, Pandaria is absolutely fantastic.  I love the messages Blizz has put forth.  Among the monsters there are lessons to learn, respect for all Being, and spirits of woe to defeat to bring ourselves to a higher awareness of the Cosmos and our place in the scheme of things.  Sure, the lesson will be lost on some, but I get it.  All of us in our group of game dorks do.  And we like it.  Others do, too.  I know of one person who liked it so much, she has chosen to create her own blog as The Sha of Happiness to spread her own positive messages through the game (from what I am told, she is not affiliated with Blizzard, but is merely a player who saw an opportunity to make sure the message of the pandas is not lost).

I digress.  This whole post has been a digression, actually.  Oops.

I started this post to share my pride at my Shooshie’s accomplishments in inserting herself into the gaming community, particularly Blizzard and World of Warcraft as “a pinoneer in the community”.

Bunnies.  Not evil.

Bunnies. Not evil.

What I came here to say is:  I am the proud mother of “The Tardbunny”.

I’m having t-shirts printed next week.  Seriously.

(NOTE:  Shooshie’s “handle” is not meant to offend any group of people in ANY way.  She is not that kind of person.  I will let her explain:  Overlord Tardbunny on 01/22/2013 at 6:22 pm said:

You do make a good point, but I feel I should defend myself here a bit. “Retard” in French (which I speak) also means “behind” and does not carry a connotation of being “retarded” in the English sense. For instance, “un jour retard” would be “a day behind,” as in being behind schedule. This is really the “tard” to which I refer, as it describes me quite well…  I taught an art class for one of the [Down’s Syndrome] group homes when I was a teenager. Please rest easy knowing that I certainly have no hate or derision in my heart for anyone suffering from a mental illness or disability.

Oh, I mentioned that getting into Warcraft was “fateful”.  This was not an exaggeration.  I have met a bunch of super people playing the game, from all over the world.  Some of them have become friends with who I keep in regular contact outside the game, and even exchange Christmas gifts with every year.  Some I have met in person.

I met The Brit playing WoW 4 1/2 years ago.  I’d consider that pretty fateful  🙂


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