Drive Me, Baby, One More Time

Busy, busy…

I have not been blogging much recently, obviously.  Lots of things happening that need to be prepared for.  Mostly, the imminent arrival of the infamous Shoosie and her Fiance’.

I will be flying to Florida in a few weeks, spending a few days with the old folks and friends, and then hitting the road.  Yes.  The ROAD, not the sky.

ONE MORE TIME I am making the drive across the continent.  This will be #4 in the epic long distance travels of Meggie.


Green states = have lived in
Blue = driven through
Pink = visited for at least a day

To paraphrase Danny Glover:  I’m getting too old for this *stuff*.

Lines indicate states I’ve moved between (ignore driving through Utah; the I40 actually took us through the top of Arizona).  We moved- drove- from New York to Florida when I was a kid.  From Florida, Shoosh and I loaded the SUV and moved to California.  We had a place in Nor-Cal and one in So-Cal, so we drove the 500 miles between the two on numerous occasions.  Then, I drove from Nor-Cal to live in Virginia.  Virginia eventually led me back to Florida.  When The Brit came along and we decided we liked each other, I drove from Florida to Texas (19 hours straight by myself).  Ten months later, upon his accepting an amazing offer here in Cali, we drove from The Lone Star State to So-Cal.  Every summer from the time I was 6 until about 12, we drove from Florida to Pennsylvania and New York to visit family, too.

This is the last time…

It will be easier for the kids to have a second driver on board- Shooshie Lou, you will learn to drive very soon!  The trip will be faster for not having to stop over.  We should be able to easily make the 38 hour drive time in 48 hours.

I pity the Fiance’, though.  I’m heck on wheels when it comes to long trips.  If you don’t wee and get food/drink when we stop for petrol, and if you are not AIS in 15 minutes, you will be hitching a ride the rest of the way.  People hate traveling with me.  Shooshie knows the routine.  This will be The Fiance’s first time.

We’re going to need a theme song…


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