California Dreamin’

*cue music*


Did you ever have one of those moments that hit you out of the blue where you feel a shift in existence, in The Now, in yourself?

I drove a friend to LAX this morning, and saw, for the first time in 10 years, the smog of The City of Angels up close.  Why anyone would live *in* LA is beyond me.  I like the trees and space and quiet and clean air of less concrete places (I’ll let you interpret that as you will).  40 miles south of LA is close enough for me, thanks (maybe even still a little too close).

And yet, LA has its own energy, it’s own place in the reality of what it is to be human.  Places everyone should visit if possible, but I wouldn’t want to live there would include: Los Angeles, New York City, Edinburgh, and Paris.  I am sure there are more you could add to the list, but beyond those places, I do not have enough experience to know them.

So was it the LA vibe that inspired me?  No.

The ride along the Pacific Coast Highway from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach?  Nice, but no.

The bright blue sky and breeze blowing through my windows on this lovely 80 degree (F) first day of March?  That happens most every day, so no; won’t give that credit, either.

The cosmic tumblers clicking into place on the next bit of the combination to my own little vault of Universal space dust?  Maaaaaay-be.

Not only am I an empath, I also get “feelings about things”.  I have been saying since October that March (2013) was going to be the magic month for some of my friends and family, and so far, it’s turning out that way for even more of them than I thought.

I think, today…  I *felt*, today, a definitive shift.  What I have been feeling settling in to stay.  I really can’t explain it.  Maybe some of you, gentle readers, will understand what I mean.

Live in The Now and let the future unfold as it will.  Appreciate every little thing because they make up all the big things.

Hope you enjoy the pictures- a few shots of my trip down the Left Coast this fine morning.


A view of Catalina Island from Huntington Beach


Houses on the hills above the McDonald’s on the PCH along Newport Beach.


Palms reflecting in my side-view mirror, driving along Huntington Beach.

Snowy peak of the San Jacintos from the coast

Snowy peak of the San Jacintos from the coast



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