Apartment Living

We live in a great apartment complex.  The layout is roomy and convenient.  Everything was remodeled when the last tenants moved out (they are doing that with all apartments as they are vacated that have not been done in the past 2 years), so everything from the flooring to the appliances is brand new.  Brand new bathtub, sinks, counters, cabinets, lighting fixtures…  everything.  We really love that.

We are on the back corner, ground floor of a 2-story building with a 2 car garage, so there are people above us and to 1 side, the garage being a buffer between the neighbours on the other side.  This affords us lots of big windows and a gorgeously landscaped and maintained green belt outside our kitchen and huge patio, making it feel like we have a yard.  We figured it would also be quieter, which for the most part, it is.

Let me reiterate:  we live in an apartment.  We’re not apartment noobs, so we understand there will be some noise, even though these places are built to condominium standards and are on the higher end of the scale when it comes to housing and rent.  However, it is 730am and I am up writing letters to the management and this blog post because IT’S TOO NOISY TO SLEEP!!!!!!!

For fun, I decided to post my letter here, all pertinent info removed, of course, to see if any of you have had similar issues and what your stories might be.

And because, gosh, I am just not feeling too much Peace, Good Will right now to write something more peaceful because THERE IS NO PEACE HERE AT THE MOMENT!!!!!!

I’m a nice person, really.  I get a little grouchy when I’m tired.  Right now, I am tired.  Care to guess why?  Do I REALLY need more capital letters and exclamation points?

Ugh.  So here it is, for your top-20-matches-in-wrestlemania-history-20070323040810857-000entertainment and in hopes of venting some of my frustration so I can TRY to get some more sleep before my entire day is shot to heck.

OMG… Sounds of bodies slamming onto the mat at Wrestlemania are now emanating from upstairs in the proximity of my kitchen.

Emanating…  what a great word, eh?

My Letter To The Apartment People:
Good (too early in the) morning (to have to be awake)!

Usually, we have found ******** to be a peaceful, quiet place.  We love our apartment.  We don’t love the noise from upstairs.  It happens at all hours.  I have heard them at 3AM, in the afternoon, early in the morning… various times, frequently, and for long stretches of time during the course of 24 hours.  I was beginning to think there was some machinery in our ceiling because the pounding is so frequent and lasts so long.We have refrained from complaining until now because we do understand that these are apartments, and, no matter how well built they are, there will be some “neighbour noise”.  However, the noise has gone from annoying to problematic, as it is interrupting my sleep.

It sounds like the neighbours above us play basketball and move furniture from one end of their apartment to the other at random times of the day and night.  I am listening to the pounding right now, and have been since 6AM.  Six AM on a Saturday when I had no reason to be up before 9.  My bad for wanting to sleep in, I suppose.

Now it’s 7AM, and it sounds like they are dropping plates and dragging furniture across the floor above my living room on top of the pounding sounds.  I should be asleep right now, but there’s too much noise.  I thought the living room might be quieter than the bedroom.  It’s definitely not.

I don’t know what can be done about the issue.  We’ve never met the neighbours, so I know nothing about them.  I’m not even sure which apartment they are in, as I don’t know how the 2nd floor is layed out compared to our place.  Please understand, we are not complainers and have not mentioned this until now, even though it’s been going on for the 6 months we’ve lived here, because we understand that there will be some noise in apartments.  It’s just gotten worse to the point of becoming unpleasant.

At 7:15AM, they seem to have run out of furniture to move, and the running has become less frequent.  Oh.  Nope.  I’m wrong.  They must have changed their minds about the placement of a few things because here it goes again.  *sigh*

Thanks for “listening”, and if you can do something(?) about the problem, we’d definitely appreciate it.

–Meg ******

It’s 745am.  The basketball team upstairs have moved to the space above my laundry room, which is off the side of the living room and down the hall from the bedrooms, just inside the garage.  I believe they may be removing the floor in their place.  I hear sounds like floorboards being pried up and tools being dropped.  While this gives me ideas, it really would not be a good place to hide their bodies, as they tend to leak through the ceiling after a fairly short while.

I am so anxious to get a house!

It is 8am.  I need to go to church or temple or something.  The noise, now coming from OUTSIDE as well as in led me to look out the front door.  OK, so I was really going out the front door to scream at the noisy neighbours.  The gods have smiled upon me.  There is a moving dolly in front of their door.  There are people MOVING things out of their apartment and into the one across the car-park from us (which was recently vacated and remodeled).  Seriously… I need to cancel the hit pass along some good karma toot-sweet!  I am also going to write a second letter to the apartment real quick to tell them to disregard the first one since….

THE NOISY PEOPLE ARE MOVING!!!!!  *jumping up and down gleefully*


(Click here  ^ ^ and sing along with me!)


2 thoughts on “Apartment Living

  1. I hate apartment living. I really do. And yet who can afford a house anymore? (Shut up.)

    In Connecticut, we had this squeaky-voiced neighbor girl who’d just pop on over at any time to hang out or have a beer. The first couple of times it was okay, but after that, it got to the point that there’d be a knock on the door, one of the roommates would say “Oh God, it’s Cindy” and we’d all play dead/pretend nobody was home. We also used to hear her and her boyfriend who was just out of prison, might I add, having sex. I got the worst of it because her bed’s headboard was right up against one of my bedroom walls. We politely mentioned it to her, and afterwards she tried to fix it by blasting Soundgarden to cover up the sex noise. I still can’t listen to Black Hole Sun without getting a flashback.

    • Egads! I remember Cindy. I have lived in apartments for a total of 7 years of the 25 since I moved out on my own. I don’t like it. You are right about the cost of houses, at least for a while you were. It’s definitely harder nowadays for young people just starting out. We were fortunate to be able to buy a nice house in a good area when we were only 19, and a second one 5 years later. After the market went nuts and housing prices went through the roof (the house we bought for $67,500 in 1992 sold for $204K in 2006), it was cheaper to rent. Then the market crashed and things changed again. We found that a mortgage payment, even on a $375K house in So-Cal plus the taxes, insurance, and utilities wouldn’t be any more than we are paying here JUST in rent. Believe it or not, you CAN get a nice house in a nice area for that price in So-Cal. We’re working on it. Our hopes of a house in the next few months when our lease here is up are pretty dim, but it will definitely happen by early 2014.

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