Lessons From The Doctor

As I have mentioned before, I am a Doctor Who fan.  So is The Brit, Shooshie and her fiance’, and half my friends.

My favourite Doctors ever would be David Tennant and Matt Smith, though I teared up when Chris Eccelston left because, while he started off as a cold, semi-obnoxious type fellow, his heart(s) showed through more and more as the season went on, and you came to understand the Doctor.


Of the classics, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker portrayed the Doctor the best, to my mind.

Just what makes up the Doctor?  He has to be a little aloof, like Pertwee and Eccelston because becoming attached leads to heartache.  When you’re flying through the instabilities of time and space, encountering unknowns at every turn, emotions can affect decisions that may mean life or death.

Think of soldiers in wartime.  If they stopped to think about the possibility of children ahead… exactly where is that bomb going to drop?  Can I rescue everyone and take them all back to America (England, France, etc.) with me where they will be safe and have a chance for a good peaceful life where they don’t have to live in fear with no running water or…

You get what I mean?

Of course, they care, but they can’t think about all of that or they wouldn’t be able to do the horrible job that they most unfortunately have to.

If a fireman or a policeman thought about the dangers all the time, they wouldn’t be able to do what they do to keep the public safe.  It takes a special kind of person to do these jobs.

So yes, the Doctor can sometimes seem cold and careless.  Survival may depend on it.  But like all creatures, the Doctor also wants companionship; someone to share the wonders of the Universe with; someone to be there when he’s feeling badly about not being able to save everyone- as Tennant and Smith have both freely shown.  He needs the compassion of another creature to perhaps make up for the lack of compassion he sometimes must feel to get the job done, or to counteract the sadness and destruction that often comes from the worlds he visits.


A Doctor’s companion is like a teddy bear: loved and wanted, dragged through time and space to be shown the wonders of it all, and a great comfort to its child.  But being only fluff and stuff, it wears and gets dirty over time.  The child (the Doctor) is so caught up in the joy of having someone, and in all the adventures they have together, that he forgets to look back to see how the teddy is faring.  You see that emotion clearly in the Doctor’s eyes, the position of his mouth, the sudden stop and calming of his demeanor when he realises he has gone too fast and his companion needs a seam stitched back up; or the heartbreak that comes when it is time to say good bye.

When Rose left I cried.  Every time I watch that episode I cry.  The Doctor did what he felt was right for her, no matter the cost to himself.  I cannot put into words the depth of emotion of that parting.

When Donna left, I teared up.  I was not too crazy about Donna at first; she was rough and bitchy.  As her time with the Doctor went on, you understood her more, and you understood why she had to be tough with the Doctor.  Someone had to keep him in check.

And then came Matt Smith and Amelia Pond, the girl who waited.  For me, Amy was likeable right away.  And then came Rory.  Poor Rory who became the teddy bear of the trio.  At the end, Rory’s dad Brian joined up, and I absolutely loved Brian.  Not only was it sad when Amy and Rory left, but it also meant no more Brian and that made it sadder.  The story of their departure was beautiful and tears flowed freely.  I’m not sure I can ever watch that episode again.  I learned my lesson with Rose.

I am a great big teary sap when it comes to Doctor Who.  Sounds silly, eh?  Tearing up over a silly, goofy, dorky sci-fi show?

If you think that, then you haven’t watched Doctor Who.  And if you have and still think I’m silly, then you haven’t understood Doctor Who.  Lessons come from many sources.

This has all lead to a meme a friend posted on FaceBook this morning that I wanted to share here.  So now, I will do so and let you think on it all yourselves.  For the Whovians reading this, you’ll get it; this will be a reminisce for you.  For those who have heard of it but never seen it, go watch The Girl Who Waited.



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