Don’t Be A Dummy

Here we go again.  More hope for the planet being poured out through Peace and Good Will.  I know I was supposed to be done with the PGW posts last month, but I can’t help sharing these stories of hope and positivity.

This is a young lady who really understands what she is talking about.  Yay, Maddie Downs!  You’re a super person 🙂

With this one, however, (and it didn’t start out to be a post about DUI) you’re going to get a lecture reminder about what DUI is.


While “drunk” driving deaths are down in the past few years, due in part to stricter laws, more awareness, and more tools for police to enforce the laws, the national average of DUI related deaths for the United States is still around 30% of all traffic deaths.  That’s about 10,000 people a year.

In the state of California, drivers who see someone that appears to be driving under the influence are encouraged to call 911.

“….In April 2007, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) received an achievement award from the State’s Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) for installing signs in roadside rest stops that call on motorists to “Report Drunk Drivers — Call 911.” According to OTS, which provided a grant to fund the installation, the signs “have significantly contributed to promoting and enhancing traffic safety in California.”  ….  Five departments within the State Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency — Caltrans, the California Highway Patrol, OTS, Department of Motor Vehicles, and Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control — have joined forces in urging the public to report suspected drunk drivers by calling 911.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving also participated in statewide public education events as part of the campaign.”

The deaths reported in these statistics include the influences of both alcohol and drugs.  These incidents does not only occur when a person is driving a car or truck.  It includes persons driving a motorcycle, or even a bicycle, or even walking.  Victims may be driving a car, riding a bike, walking, or standing on a street corner waiting to cross the road.

Walking, you say?  Give me a break.

No.  It happens.  Think about it.  A person is drunk.  Their thinking, vision, reflexes are just as impaired as they would be if they were driving, right?  Drunk is drunk.  The vehicle does not make you under the influence; your activities do.  So drunk walker wanders into the street, right in front of an oncoming car.  The driver attempts to miss said drunk person and…  what could happen?  Think about it.

Ever see a a person hit by a car?  I have.  Talk about timing… I witnessed, and being first on the scene, assisted in the incident.  It affected, not only the girl driving the car the guy threw himself in front of, but the drivers around her who had to slam their brakes on to avoid hitting her and the body that flew through the air like a rag doll, up her hood and windshield, over the roof, and down the trunk, landing in front of the car behind her.  Her airbags deployed; the front end of her car was just shy of totaled, the was windshield completely shattered, and the trunk was smashed up pretty good, too.

You see people hit by cars in the movies and it looks so fake.  No.  It really doesn’t.  A 6’2″, 180 pound man being hit by a car traveling at 40-45 miles per hour really does flip up and over in the air like a rag doll.  But they bleed like you wouldn’t believe.

The man in my story, by the way, was mentally ill, hopped up on drugs, and trying to kill himself.  He had a note in his pocket.  The 17 year old girl who was driving the car he threw himself at was on her way to pick up concert tickets, having a great day and looking forward to many things coming up soon in her life.  She will never forget what happened.  Neither will I.

I have a friend who, at the age of 2, lost her mother to a drunk driver.

Another friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver while walking with a group of friends across the street.  She was a little slower than the rest of the kids because she had cerebral palsy.  We had just started 11th grade.

Please think before you even start to drink.  Don’t get behind the wheel, handlebars, or walk, or allow anyone else to.  Just stay where you are.  Or call a taxi.  They will give you a free ride if you are drunk.  Find a national database of Designated Driver Services here.

Oh, and don’t you DARE get mad because you get pulled over by the cops.  YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW!  For crikey’s sake, you are putting yourself and other people at risk.  It’s your own fault.  YOU made a choice.  The cops and the DUI laws are in place because too many humans are irresponsible, selfish, and thoughtless to protect people.

Even dummies who choose to drive under the influence.


*steps down delicately from her soapbox*

Be grown ups.  Make your choices wisely.  Consider the big picture.  Don’t ever believe that it can’t happen to you.

In Memorium to Pennsylvania Trooper Kenton Iwaniec, and all those lost to drunk drivers.

And two thumbs up to Maddie Downs for her contribution to the positivity of the planet.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Dummy

  1. Heavy post, Meggie. But a great reminder to act with courage. Whether you are the drunk person and have to admit you are not able to drive, or you are the witness and have to report it. Unfortunately, people are afraid of being responsible, a concept I’ll never understand. Good for Maggie Downs! xo

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