Peanut Butter and Pudding

Now THIS girl knows how to eat peanut butter!

Now THIS girl knows how to eat peanut butter!

Sometimes I get an urge for a big spoonful of peanut butter.  Yes, right off the spoon.  The Brit does not like peanut butter (and was grossed out by my new snack), so I get the whole jar to myself.  Despite this, I am not a double-dipper.  One spoon, one dip.  If I want more, I get another spoon.

Yes.  I do a lot of dishes.


Tonight, I had a spoonful of peanutty deliciousness- thank goodness the peanut contamination that had perplexed me a few months ago seems under control, as I was missing the stuff during that nonsense- and then decided, while I had a spoon in my hand, to have a chocolate pudding cup for dessert.

I ate dinner earlier.  The peanut butter was not a meal this time.  Peanut butter has many friends aside from jam.  Tonight, it made a new one.

There was still some peanut butter on the spoon when I took my first few bites of pudding.  This was even more deliciousness!  Peanut butter and chocolate pudding.  It reminded me of the old commercials for Reese’s Cups.


Wow… the 70’s.  *shiver*

I wanted to provide some history on peanut butter, but could not find definitive answers as to its origin.  George Washington Carver is often credited.  The ancient Incas supposedly ate a paste made of mashed peanuts.  John Kellog is also given credit.  Dr. Ambrose Straub supposedly invented peanut butter as we know it today to be a protein substitute for patients with bad teeth who otherwise had trouble chewing meats.  Being a pseudo-vegetarian, I know that PB is a good protein substitute from the doctors who have tried (and failed) to control my anemia.

NO!  I will not eat a steak for crikey’s sake (nor for anyone else’s).

Anyway, I felt compelled to share with you my new snack.  What are your favourite peanut combinations?


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