Market Test: Pizza Rolls

Market Test # 798:  Pizza Rolls- Michelina’s vs Totino’s.

By the way, I make these numbers up.  I can’t keep count of how many of these silly “market tests” I have done over the years.  But let’s continue, shall we?

I remember pizza rolls- Jeno’s, who later sold to Totino’s, being the first to market the things- as being yummy, zippy, and somewhat crispy even in the microwave.  Haven’t had Totinos in a couple of years for #1 they are $3 a small box, and #2 they’re really not good for you (shhhh… I know), but Ralph’s had them on sale for $1 a box.  So I bought 2 boxes.  2 lunches in each box, I figure.

I made a plate for my lunch, today.  I’m disappointed.  What happened people?  What used to be a crave food is now mushy tasting sauce of some sort with barely any seasoning and not enough zip to power a solar dancing dashboard flower (BTW, I would like a solar dancing dash flower for my birthday, please).

I have been eating the Michelina’s rolls for a while, now, and love their buffalo chicken bites when I can find them.  The prob with Mich’s pizza rolls is that they contain pepperoni.  O.M.G. the pseudo-veg eats pepperoni in her pizza rolls.  Dude… they are PIZZA ROLLS!  Even *I* have made this sin against the Universe once in a while for pizza rolls.  I hope that the miniscule bits of pepperoni are so few that even the cow isn’t missing them (if they are pork, please don’t tell me.  Let me live the lie for now.).

Michelina’s PRs are zippy, will get some crisp at the edges if you let them sit a couple of minutes after irradiating them, and satisfy the crave.  Best of all?  They are ALWAYS about a buck a box.  A box is about 1 lunch and a few extra, thus, 1 lunch.  I don’t like leftovers.  >.<

The buffalo chicken bites are just like pizza rolls except with chicken and buffalo sauce; they are good and zippy.  Of course, just because they are microwaveable doesn’t mean they can’t be cooked in an oven or toaster oven, and are, of course, crispier minus the nuclear fall-out.

Oddly enough, the same man that invented the pizza roll and later sold his company to Totino’s also founded Michelina’s in the 1990’s.  In 60 years, entrepreneur, Mr. Jeno Paulucci, founded 70 companies and supported several charitable causes.

Conclusion:  Totino’s makes me sad.  Michelina’s wins this one.

Side note from Wikipedia for those of you who don’t like to click links in blog posts:

Pizza Rolls are a frozen snack product inspired by Asian egg rolls, but made with pizza ingredients. Invented by Jeno Paulucci in 1968, Paulucci later sold his Jeno’s Pizza Rolls line to the Pillsbury Company for more than $140 million.[1] Pillsbury later sold the brand to General Mills, who rebranded it under their Totino’s line in 1993.



Found an easy recipe for homemade pizza rolls!



One thought on “Market Test: Pizza Rolls

  1. Thanks so much! I’ve been searching for the other brand of pizza rolls for awhile, forgot the name. You’re awesome!

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