The Brit posted this video to me before he left for work this morning because he knows how I love animals and nature.  Now, I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face at the beauty of it.


It’s so easy to see, and yet humans seem to miss the messages, that we can live with this planet and ALL its inhabitants in a beautiful peaceful harmony.  And how lovely would THAT be?

Shooshie recently did an article on her blog about Internet bullying, specifically referring to the Jay Wilson of Blizzard Entertainment incident.  Some people got bent out of shape because they felt no one should be defending Mr. Wilson.  They totally missed the point, or didn’t care, that bullying, threatening someone’s life, being mean in general is never OK.  There is never an excuse for cruelty to anyone or anything.

I wish we could put all the mean people in the world all together on their own continent and let them live their way and let the rest of us have peace and a positive world.  I wonder how long before they would change their minds if they were surrounded by nothing but negativity.  Or would they destroy each other before they figured it out?  It makes me sad.

Look at this video!  How can anyone not see how wonderful life could be?  Why do we seek to be miserable and hateful?  Why are humans so selfish?  I just don’t understand.  I never have.  I never will.  I refuse to accept that the way the world is today is how it IS.  NO, I say!

This dolphin understood that the humans could help.  It sought assistance from a creature that doesn’t even belong in the same environment.  When animals (humans included) are injured or scared, they tend to run away, or even lash out, but sometimes they know they will find help from people.  Offering trust, for any species, is opening to vulnerability, and yet at times we do it.  Sometimes we HAVE to.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that opening ourselves up and trusting others doesn’t have to make us vulnerable?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel peaceful and safe all the time?

Then why don’t we?



In Harmony

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