Train Stuff

As I have mentioned before, I come from a long line of crafty people, and my father does model railroading.

A few months ago, Dad fell, wedging himself between the train garden and the fence in the backyard.  Paramedics had to be called and he was taken to the ER.  In a nutshell, he tore the pejeebers out of his rotator cuff which was already not in the best of shape.  Number 1, the man is 83 years old.  Number 2, he’s done a lot of hard physical work in those 8 decades which has worn said joint pieces.  He had to have surgery and therapy and wear this contraption to keep his arm positioned and immobilised for several weeks.  Sadly, there was too much damage for the surgery to repair, so he is not able to lift his arm up all the way anymore.

My father is not the kind of guy that does well sitting around doing nothing.  He’s spent 83 years with relatively ZERO limitation on his activities.  This is, in a phrase, a major bummer for him.  However, where there’s a will, there’s a way.  He can’t do the big stuff anymore- like furniture- but, behaving himself, he can manage some smaller projects like this one….


“Scratch-built” from plastic and wood by his own design.

Not a kit.

We need to find a fire truck in the right scale.

Anyone know where I can find a 1960’s style 1:22 scale fire truck?  No luck on Amazon, eBay (my friend in China even checked their eBay), or any of the train dealers.  I’ve been told it is kind of a rare item.







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