PGW #32- Tell Me Something Positive

Well, I woke up feeling pretty crummy this morning.  I’ve been battling some sort of virus-which-ended-up-as-a-bacterial-infection since the end of July which has left me with labrynthitis.  This is a major inner ear imbalance usually caused by viral, but less commonly caused by a bacterial infection.  And oh, yay, me, I get the rare form of the illness.  According to the doctors, it is possible that the 2 concussions I had in 2011 made my brain more susceptible to the effects of the infection.  I am dizzy all the time.  Being dizzy all the time is tiring.



OK, make your jokes, go on…


My brain seems to think I’m doing a lot more activity than I am because, as far as the impulses it’s picking up, I’m constantly moving.  Doing anything is like driving through snow.  It has impaired my thinking, and my eye sight has gotten worse in the past 5 months, I think because it’s hard for me to focus.  Some days I can’t drive or do much of anything.  Those days have been fairly few over the past 2 months, until 4 days ago.

I have seen 3 doctors and done a round of antibiotics.  I have had an MRI.  Here’s another opportunity for a joke…  The MRI showed nothing in my brain.

I’ll wait for you to stop chuckling at your own humour.

*taps foot, waiting patiently*

Back to the doc with me next week.  *sigh*  Medical stuff freaks me out.  I am mortally terrified of doctors.  But something has got to give.  Either they fix it or they tell me it’s permanent.  Just so I know what to expect.



Anyway, it’s been hard to concentrate on much of anything, today.  I haven’t been out of the house at all.  I didn’t even brush my hair after I washed it this morning.  My face is surrounded by banana curls, so it’s cute, but a bit frizzy in the back.  Meh.  I cannot care, today.




eggsThe Brit was sweet enough to make me breakfast this morning.  Not the usual toast and jam or oatmeal I make him, or the bagel and iced latte I’ve been breaking my fast with for the past 10 years (before I started drinking coffee, it was a bagel and chocolate milk), but real British breakfast- eggs, hash-browns, fried tomatoes, and toast- except, as he pointed out, no beans, bacon, or sausages.

First of all… beans for breakfast?  Who thought of that?  Secondly, I eat neither bacon, nor sausage.  I will indulge in turkey bacon on a BLT once, MAYBE twice a year, but I could do without and be perfectly happy.  Of course, then it’s just an LT which doesn’t have the nice ring to it that the 3rd letter gives, so I usually throw a piece of cheese on it, mix up the letters, and have a TLC.

But I digress…  Very sweet of him to cook for me.  Even if it did mean I spent the next hour scrubbing the grease splatters off the kitchen wall, fridge, stove, counters, bowl of fruit, cake dish cover, toaster, tea kettle, and Teavana tins of teas that were all within a 6 foot radius of the skillet.  I will have to get the floor steamer out tomorrow.  I just couldn’t manage it all today.

He volunteered to make dinner, tonight.  I suggested he check his email.

So being tired, unwell, and still marveling over how he managed to coat an entire bowl of tangerines in cooking grease, trying to think of something for my post left me with Googling the phrase “tell me something positive”.

Holy cow, I found something!  A blog from 2008 where the blogger asked, in light of all the negativity in the media, for people to share ANYTHING positive they had to say.  I read a number of posts because it was really nice to see the little things people were happy about- a raise, playing with grandkids, good weather, a sports team winning…

One lady wrote about something she saw at the mall:

CreativeJunkie:   “Something positive … let’s see …

OK – last week, the kids and I were shopping in the mall. It was in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday so I wasn’t surprised to see a lot of elderly people there because they like to walk the perimeter of the inside of the mall for exercise when it’s beastly hot outside.

We saw an elderly couple and they were holding hands.

It was just so sweet. It made me wonder if my husband and I will ever do that 40 years from now. I hope so.”

That made ME smile!

There were so many people in the thread wishing each other well, it was hard to stop reading.

Someone’s mother who seemed to have been cured of her cancer got a lot of well wishers.

A grandmother of 11 was told she looked too young to have grands.

Some people were talking to each other about where they lived.

It was a conglomeration of neighbourly conversations between strangers across cyber-space, everyone having a good time of it, that really brightened my day.

I am sharing it here with you.  Good news, even OLD good news, is still GOOD!


2 thoughts on “PGW #32- Tell Me Something Positive

  1. Love the part about the breakfast. Someone once said “show me what someone eats for breakfast – and I’ll tell you what country they are in”. Hope you’re feeling more cheer going into the New year. Have a great 2013!

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