Fairy Door Book Auction

NEW PRODUCT in Meggie’s Window!

This is my first fairy door book. It is my own design.

To celebrate the arrival of fairies in the Window, I will be auctioning off this little book with bids to start at $4 (includes shipping). Auction starts now and ends on January 2nd at midnight. Please send message with bid offer.

This item is not available on my Etsy store. It is a WordPress and FaceBook exclusive offer.



Made of 1/8″ thick wood, measuring 3/12″ by 2 3/4″, small enough to put anywhere, this fairy door will stand on its own. Clear-coated to protect painted surfaces. Wood, silk flower, and bead embellishments. Pale pink, yellow, and purple colours.





But SURPRISE! It’s also a book! 8 individual sheets (16 pages total) of heavy artist’s paper with golden brushed edges await your thoughts, poems, drawings, or even fairy sticker collection.




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