PGW #30- A Hero

When you think of the word HERO, many concepts come to mind.

Our military heroes, police, fire, and paramedics who risk their lives for the world every day.


Then there are superheroes (happy birthday, Stan Lee!) in comic books.

Prince and Princess charmings slay dragons and save villages in fairy tales.

The citizens of cities devastated by natural or man-made disaster who help others less fortunate than themselves.

A couple of years ago I was shocked to find CNN giving full coverage to a dog who fell into a raging ravine in Los Angeles until the poor terrified pup was rescued by firemen.  The fireman that initially grabbed the dog was bitten in the hand and arm, but he didn’t let go.  He understood that the dog was scared.  It didn’t matter to him.  Another living creature needed help, and he was able to help.  I just wanted to hug that fireman.

In the recent shootings at Newtown, CT, we heard of heroes, teachers and children alike, helping each other to get to safety.  An organisation called Capes For Kids has collected several hundred superhero capes to distribute to kids who were there to show them that they are brave and strong and they made a difference and can make a difference.  They are still collecting.  Please look at their page.

And then there is this young man who only knew he could save his friend.

How dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsmany times have we heard the term “would take a bullet” for a friend?  This young man actually did- 3 of them.

“That was the first thing I reacted to.  Get in front (of her),” he said.

Peace, Good Will for today is Rony Monzon.  There are just no words…


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