PGW #28- Where Is The Peace and Good Will?

I’m tired, today.  My Christmas came and went in a flurry, and there was no snow.

This is the first year in many years I didn’t have to work the day after Thanksgiving or on Christmas Eve.  I don’t work outside the home right now, and haven’t for the past 5 months.  I have shared pictures and videos of our Christmases past.  This was my opportunity to do Christmas BIG!

When I had a small child and worked, I managed to bake 4 dozen each of 5 different kinds of cookies, a Christmas cake, a loaf or 2 of sweet bread, and at least 5 pounds of fudge (one year it was 5 pounds of 6 different kinds.  Yes, you did the math right- 30 pounds of fudge!).  I decorated inside and out, including rigging 800 lights onto an 8 foot Christmas tree affectionately known as “Mum’s Fire Hazard”.

So what happened to me this year?

I made ornaments to sell in Meggie’s Window.  I made none for our own tree- for the first time in 40+ years.  I opted for the daft 4 foot lavender tree I bought as a novelty 2 years ago as opposed to the usual greenery.  I didn’t unpack all the ornaments.  I kept opening boxes and pulling out a piece or two, but spent most of the time shifting them from one end of their containers to the other.  I did find my crystal spider, which gave me a momentary glimmer of The Spirit.  I hung a wreath on the door.

Writing my own blog and reading the lovely holiday tales and ideas of blogs I follow put the season at the forefront of my mind daily.

So what happened to me?  I think the virus I had a few months ago affected my brain as well as my balance.  Maybe it was the 2 concussions I had last year?

I have no excuse.

Yesterday, I served dinner for The Brit and a couple of mates from work.  I figured they would, being dork guys, come for food, stay an obligatory amount of time and then skedaddle by 7pm.  They didn’t leave until nigh on midnight.  I guess that means they enjoyed themselves.

Amelia (Pond) Mouse.  Because I am a Doctor Who dork and she is a ginger mouse.

Amelia (Pond) Mouse. Because I am a Doctor Who dork and she is a ginger mouse.

But I was tired before they even got here from all the work I had done for 3 days, including THE Day to make it happen, so I was antsy by 8pm.  I wanted some Christmas to myself to play with the pet mouse The Brit got me, watch movies with said tall man, and otherwise indulge in some of the wine and bread and cheese whilse bumming out in my PJs.

Today, the PJ and WoW plan announced last night was pre-empted by my brain picking up signals from IKEA.  *sigh*  Upon credit approval by The Brit, I went by myself to get a bookcase.  ONE bookcase.

Ever been to IKEA?  It’s like going to Disney World.

I got the bookcase, and a good deal on it, too, for being an IKEA Family Member!  I loaded it into my cart and subsequently into my car all by myself.  Along with the television cabinet I got for half price.  And a box-ful of Swedish groceries.  Go to IKEA.  Look at the Swedish Market.  You’ll understand.

36239971971437994_QWilfU3P_cPicture it.  The IKEA car-park, December 26, 2012.  A single girl struggling with 300 pounds of furniture and Glogg.  You’d think some nice gentleman would stop to help.  Nope.  Well, one did stop.  For about a minute.  He wanted my parking spot.  Young fella looked right at me trying to shove a 6-foot-long fully assembled TV cabinet into a PT Cruiser, decided it would be too long to wait for the spot, and drove past.  By the time I was wrestling the bookcase into the car, he pulled up and paused again.  My faith in humanity restored!  The car 2 spots up from me was pulling out.  He pulled into that spot, but do you think he came over to ask if he could help?  Nope.  Humanity takes 10,000 point critical hit.

This after having dodged about 3000 people IN the store who didn’t seem to notice I even existed with my heavy cart of furniture.  IKEA’s carts have all-wheel drive, and they’re not easy to stop, nor to maneuver when weighed down.

One guy bumped into me twice; practically walked right into me.392px-Godzilla_1984_01  The image of Godzilla crashing through Tokyo for a quick meal of screaming Japanese citizens came to mind.  He was only interested in finding what he wanted.  Common courtesy didn’t  matter.

I don’t like rude people.  I’m not rude to people.  I go out of my way to be nice and polite and accommodating.  Sometimes I ask myself why I bother.  But I always answer myself: because if everybody was rude because other people were selfish and rude, then we’d have a world full of jerks and no one would ever stop and say “HEY!  That’s enough!”

I said I was going to write about Peace and Good Will until New Year’s Day.  The whole point of the PGW posts was to acknowledge the GOOD in the world.

Today, I have nothing to write about.  I’m tired and grouchy and feeling down from the great lack of kindness I found in people.  I feel like I missed Christmas.  I feel selfish for not sticking to my positivity, for letting you all down by not writing about P&GW.

Maybe this can be a lesson, coming from the opposite side of things.

When the clerk at the market seems frazzled by the endless line of customers, take a moment to smile and thank them.  Maybe chat a little.  Address them by their name (if they have a name tag on).

If you see someone struggling with some like, oh, I don’t know, half a ton of furniture, stop and help.  If nothing else, hold the cart so it doesn’t shoot across the car-park as they lift the furniture themselves.  Almost happened.  Caught it with my foot.

If you see someone in a lane that “ends in 500 feet”, back off and let them into the continuing lane before they panic that they are going to slam into the wall of the overpass looming large just ahead.  Don’t cut them off, or make them have to stop to wait for the 50 rude drivers behind you to go by so they can continue on their way.  I don’t care if “they should have merged a mile back”.  Maybe they were trying to, but no one would let them over.  Everyone needs to be somewhere.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to be human.

Don’t forget the Peace and Good Will.


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