PGW #26- Letters to Santa

So now my daughter is getting in on my blog, even though she has her own!  hehe

Shooshie acts like a tough cookie sometimes, hiding her mushy half-baked little heart under a sometimes downright crusty exterior.  We are very different in many ways, but underneath it all, we are 2 peas in a pod.  She sent me a link to a story this morning “for [my] blog”.

Nine-year old Gabriella Miller is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor.  Through The Make A Wish foundation, Gabriella will be going to Paris this spring.  She felt herself very fortunate to be able to achieve this wish, which she calls her “bright star”.

Gabriella asked for children to write letters to Santa to deliver through Macy’s department store because Macy’s gives $1 to Make A Wish for every letter they post to Santa.  She felt that other children should have a chance to have their wish come true, too.  The goal was set at 10,000 letters.  That would give one more child their wish.

Two-hundred-thousand letters later, Macy’s has donated an extra sum to the foundation.  This grants 36 children their wish… their “bright star”.  Talk about a miracle on 34th Street!

This Christmas Eve posting is more than just the story of Gabriella Miller, Macy’s, all of the children who wrote letters to Santa, and all of the grown-ups who helped count and deliver them.  It’s about Shooshie, too.  Thanks, Shooshie Lou for thinking about this and sending me this story.  I am thankful to have a kid who carries the sentiments of Peace and Good Will in her heart 🙂



“I want to say one more thing,” Gabriella says. “This is my motto and I think you should use it too. You might have a bad day today, but there’s always a bright star to look forward to tomorrow. Look inside what’s your bright star. Thank you. Happy holidays.”


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