PGW #25- Good News

It’s been a busy day getting the new furniture in the right places (it’s nice to have a sofa again), cleaning, cooking, etc. in preparation for Christmas Day dinner for which we have invited 2 of The Brit’s friends from work who would have been alone.  Nice fellas, both of them.  It will be our first time entertaining in our new place, and we are lacking a few items for such a thing, so it’s a little nerve-wracking and a little exciting all at once. We’ll be able to make do with what we’ve got, though, and our guests are computer nerds and GUYS, so they won’t miss the napkin rings and tiny olive forks.

Anyway, running late with my blog here, on a whim and in hopes of some MyH_VictorianNewsBoyinspiration for my PGW post for today, I typed GOOD NEWS into a Google search.

Who’d have thought?

Thanks to Huffington Post for having something like this.


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