PGW #24- What Goes Around, Comes Around

One of my artist friends is a young lady who started off as my daughter’s friend, but whom I have grown attached to, as well.  She’s had a rough year, losing 2 parents and moving to 2 different states.  She is currently back in her home town with her small daughter awaiting the arrival of her husband as soon as all of that can be arranged.  While it is difficult for her to make yet another change, pick up her business and start again, and be surrounded by so many memories with such fresh wounds from the passing her father less than a month ago, she feels she has made the right decision.  Sometimes going home is the best thing to do.  It’s a reset.  Start back where you started in the first place.

“Zoe” has also had the task of cleaning out and fixing up the family home which is now hers.  For now, she is doing most of it alone.  Friends come to help when they have time to spare, but it’s a busy time of year for everybody.

Today, she was dragging cast-offs to the curb when a young man approached her.  He asked if he could look through what she was throwing out because, through some misfortune of their own, he and his girlfriend recently lost everything but their dog.  They are renting a place down the road, but the house is empty.  Zoe gave them some kitchen things, blankets, and a hide-a-bed that were in good condition and helped him carry it all to their place.

This is not the first time Zoe has offered Peace and Good Will to someone.  She is a wonderful girl, always full of kindness and concern for others, always mindful of how precious life is.

What goes around come around, Zoe- as you yourself have said before.  I hope yours comes very soon!

Please give her shop a look, folks.  I have several pieces made by her and they are all wonderful.

Endlessly Curiouser

Endlessly Curiouser


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