PGW #21- Despite Our Trials

A dear family friend was diagnosed with breast cancer last Christmastime.  She has always been a cheerful, gentle, kind soul.  You can’t help but love her.  She exudes positivity.  She’s not the type to give up.  She’s also not the type to let her own troubles cloud her heart.  She is the type to help those in need, even when she is in need, herself.

Someone gave Maggie a St. Agatha prayer card and medal last week.  She didn’t know where to get them, but she wanted to give each of the ladies in her support group one.  I found a place to buy them online and ordered some for her.  She gave me money and asked if I could order more because she decided she wanted to donate some to the cancer center where she gets treatments.  (Happily, she is doing well with her own care.)

I shan’t tell St. Agatha’s story here because it’s pretty gruesome.  You’ll have to read about her for yourself if you want to.  She is the patron saint of breast cancer and nurses, among other things.

Peace, Good Will for this Wednesday is for our dear Maggie.  She is an inspiration.


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