PGW #20- Those Around Us

Wow!  What happened to the day?  IKEA is what happened.  We got a new sofa.  We haven’t had a sofa for 3 months because we left the old ratty one in a dumpster in Texas and it’s been tough getting The Brit to look for furniture.  Food shopping, he’s more than happy to participate in.  Home decor, not so much enthusiasm.  He likes IKEA, though.  They have food there.

It’s not just about waiting all day for the delivery- those poor guys were swamped, today, and it’s been rainy, and they had to go about 40 miles from the warehouse for one of their deliveries- it was also a lot of cleaning, rearranging, and getting the area rugs to go under the new sofa and elsewhere.  I wanted to steam clean the floors again before covering them in furniture and rugs.

OMG… See’s dark chocolate with raspberry cream filling…  mmm…

The Brit bought me a box of assorted See’s darks last week, and just brought said box of Heaven to me because he is such a sweetie.

So now, what do I post for my Peace, Good Will #20?  I haven’t really thought about it today until now.

I know a lot of really good, kind, peace-loving people who do not give a second thought to doing something nice for someone, even strangers, or posting something heart-warming or positive on the FaceBook, or working hard to provide a safe, positive home for their children.

Today is an appreciation day to my friends and family who are simply “good people”.  I see what you do for others; I know I can count on you to do whatever you can for me if I am in need; I am happy to share the positivity we all generate between each other.  It reminds me of making smores around a campfire- sweet, warm, light, fun, and sometimes a little messy…   Smores_camp_fire

Merry Meetings and Blessed Be, Happy Holidays, Peace and Good Will!  May this year be a good one for us all…  I love you guys!

To all my readers, I hope you will always have campfire moments, especially when you need them most.  Keep the Peace and Good Will around you always.



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