PGW #18- Make it a Goodyear!

Thank you to the kind lady in the car next to me at the stop-light who bothered to tell me my tire was going flat.

Other people really do stuff like this anymore?

I knew it needed air.  I had noticed it a few days ago, but either have not had the time when I’ve been out, or just didn’t feel like stopping.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.

Since someone was kind enough to take the time to tell me something that might have saved me a lot of potential trouble in the near future- like it being totally flat next time I wanted to go somewhere, or blowing out while I was driving- I drove right to the station near home and put 15 pounds of air in.  I figured, if someone actually bothered, maybe it was a sign that I should do it NOW.  tirewreath

Peace and Good Will come in all sizes.  Merry Christmas, Nice Lady in the little black car!


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