PGW #13- Angels’ Voices

I got another email forward from my mother today.  This time it was a video.

Let me preface by stating that I am not a religious person.  I am spiritual, but after 8 years of Catholic school, I kind of got put off organised religion.  I’ve looked into and participated in various groups, but I’ve never found one that uplifted me, or one who didn’t want to excommunicate me for some of my rather out-of-the-box ideas.  I prefer the relationship *I* have with The Almighty Forces of The Universe.  We get along very well.

Anyway, that’s a whole other post.  The reason I mention it is because of the video Mum shared.  (The girl who started the song has an amazing voice, doesn’t she?)  It does not matter how long it has been since I attended the (Roman, Polish, Ukrainian) Catholic (Methodist, Jewish, or Pagan) faith(s), nor that my belief system does not encompass Jesus in the way I was taught as a child, a heart-felt sung Oh Holy Night still brings a chill to my spine and a tear to my eye.  (Did I mention that I think Josh Groban is an angel?)  It doesn’t matter the subject.  It matters that the story- possible or not- has impacted billions of people for more than 2 millennium.  It matters the feelings of the individual behind their belief in that possibility, or any possibility.  Faith, hope, belief… they come in many forms.  I do not judge that any is right or wrong.  We interpret and express these ideals in the ways that we need to carry us each through this life, and into the possible next.xmas2009 066

When I looked up the URL to share the video Mum sent, I found it was not the only Flash Mob Christmas uploaded to the web.  Wow!  It’s really neat!  It made me feel good.  All of these people who shared their good feelings with strangers, not pushing religion, or personal beliefs, but to express the true idea of this time of year through themselves, their voices:  Peace, Good Will.  Whatever faith you subscribe to, that is the ultimate message, after all.


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