PGW #11 and #12- It All Started With A Mouse

I was naughty and didn’t post yesterday.  The Elf on The Shelf is probably at the North Pole right now telling Santa 😦

Some days I let the world get to me and I find it hard to find the good stuff, the positivity in life.  Nothing in particular happened this weekend.  I’m just feeling bummed out because there are a few people I miss even more than usual at this time of year.  Whether people we love have passed on to the next plane, or are just far away from us, it is painful.  I feel for the families with children who are separated because one parent or the other is on active duty- usually half-way around the world in scary places.

This brings me to Peace, Good Will #11…

I love Disney.  Walt was a man with good ideals.  Family was important to him.  Disney may be a big corporation, and I am sure, like most, they have a few skeletons in their closet, but they do still have some heart.

This one makes me tear up.  Apparently, a man came home from overseas, to the surprise of his young children, and Disney helped them make it a moment they would never forget.  Watch the back of the dance crowd carefully at the 2:30 time mark.  Welcome home, Captain Pickering!

I wonder how those employees, after some possible initial embarrassment, felt for doing this for the Pickering family.  I said it before: doing nice things for others is beneficial to ourselves, as well.  It feels good to be nice.  Whether it’s letting someone move into your lane in traffic by slowing down and allowing them space to know you are letting them in, or volunteering your time and energy to a cause, random acts of kindness are beneficial to everyone.  Every little bit counts!

Walt Disney said:  “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”

A mouse; one of the smallest creatures on the planet (Yeh, yeh… molecules, atoms, bacterium, I get it.  Just go with me on this, k?).  Not only did the Disney empire start with a mouse- as in Mickey- but they started with a tiny thing.  An idea.  That mouse represents more than a multi-bazillion dollar corporation.  It shows us that all great things start off as something very small.  One act of kindness, no matter how small….

Thus, Peace, Good Will #12 is a question, posed to you, dear reader.  What have you done this week, or what might you do, now that you are thinking about it, to insert some positivity into the world?  What peace and/or good will will YOU share with your fellow man (or puppy, or kitty, or…)?  Please feel free to share your experiences here.


Did I mention that I adore mice?


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