PGW #8- The Kindness of Strangers

Around this time last year, my parents experienced something I didn’t think happened in this day and age.  They were shopping at a Walmart, and when they went to pay, Mum found that she had left some of their shopping money at home, as well as their checkbook, so they were about $5 short.  They asked the cashier to take off the potatoes and doughnuts, which they didn’t need and would get later.  Mum turned to apologise to the customers waiting behind them for holding up the line.

As she and Dad were walking out to the car, a man came up to them, smiled, and put a bag with the potatoes and doughnuts into their cart.  The folks were completely taken aback.  Of course they said they could not let him pay for their items, but he just smiled and said “merry Christmas”.  They wished him merry as he turned to leave.  Mum said it was only after he was gone she realised they should have gotten his name and address to send him reimbursement, but he “took off so fast!”.

My Uncle Frank always tells people, when they protest a generous gift, to just say thank you and enjoy it.  He enjoys giving to people.  It’s no trouble for us to do a kind thing, really.  Sure, sometimes it takes more than a few minutes, but it feels good to be kind.  Being kind is therapeutic.  Doesn’t it make you feel good to know that you have made someone else feel good?  When people do nice things for us, especially strangers, it gives us hope.

Peace, Good Will for today goes to that stranger in the Walmart who helped a couple of older people out when he didn’t have to.

Thank you, Person, for being nice to my parents.  I really appreciate it.  I hope that you will have a Merry Christmas every year!

photo by Raven Corwin © 2012

photo by Raven Corwin © 2012

–quote attributed to Etienne de Grellet


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