PGW #6- Wild Man

Afa the Wild Samoan

Afa the Wild Samoan

Wild Man?  Odd title for a post that is supposed to be about peace and good will, eh?  Not so much when you understand who I am talking about.

Ladies and gentlemen!  It is my delight to introduce to you WWE Hall-of-Famer, Afa the Wild Samoan!

Now I bet you’re really confused.  A wrestler for P&GW?  Yep.

Shooshie and I have had the honour to spend time with Afa and his family, and they are all some of the most wonderful human beings on the planet.  Not only are they nice people but Afa and his family founded the Usos Foundation to benefit young people who would otherwise not have as many chances in life as the foundation helps provide for.

Pops- much love and many blessings to you always! ❤


Here is a lovely article by “Pops” himself:

The Way I see It.
By Afa “The Wild Samoan”
Hello Chatterboxers,
I would like to start my column by expressing my sympathy and condolences to the people of Haiti and their loved ones around the world. I know first hand what it feels like to sit back and pray and hope that your family members are alive after a tsunami or earthquake hits an Island. I sincerely hope that those affected will find peace in our Lord.
I am saddened to look back on my past columns and realize just how many times I have had to say goodbye to a family member, friend and neighbor. I believe that life is just too short to have ill fillings toward one another. Don’t expect that any of us will be here tomorrow and don’t put off forgiving or asking for forgiveness from one another.
Giving back is something that no one can take from you and its a feeling that makes one feel blessed to be alive. This past month my wife Lynn, daughter Tovale, and I visited a group of troubled boys at a camp called Green Isle. I was so happy to take the time to visit these kids and give some hope to their future.
Green Isle is a ministry outreach to what many would term “at risk” boys. Usos Foundation and Green Isle believe that at-risk teens require special attention.
Robin Tempesta, Development and Public Relations Administrator, invited The Hall Of Famer  to speak and motivate the kids. All of the Green Isle children were ecstatic and very excited to have Afa there, and asked many questions after he spoke. Afa began with talking about his early years, when he first moved to the United States from Samoa, and how despite many challenges and some hardships along the way, he emerged and focused his energy into something positive, becoming a professional wrestler, and eventually a Hall of Famer. He told the children that they, too, have what it takes to make it far in life, with some hard work, focus, and dedication.

Also in attendance was Father Charles Brown, who believes strongly in what Usos Foundation and Green Isle are doing to help the youths.

Quote from Afa-

“What Green Isle is doing is so similar to what we’re doing. When I walked through that door, I saw a couple of these kids that we had met at a Kiwanis breakfast few weeks ago, as I was standing there, my heart was touched when I saw all the people there surrounding Robin and Father Brown, all volunteering to help these kids any way they can. My whole thing is helping kids, so this is really close to my heart.”

At the conclusion of Afa’s speech he invited the boys to visit his Wild Samoan wrestling school in Minneola, FL and to attend a WXW wrestling event.

In closing, if everyone treats each other how we want to be treated, I believe that this world would be a better place.
 Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.
God Bless,
Afa “The Wild Samoan”

Pictured below are Afa the Wild Samoan, Lynn Anoa’i, Tovale Anoa’i of Usos Foundation, and the boys of Green Isle, Robin Tempesta, and Father Charlie Brown.


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