There Was Supposed To Be LESS Swearing

We’ve had this unit for a month, and I am about to make my inside cats OUTSIDE cats. This thing makes me swear. It killed me to pay almost $200 for a cat pan, but since Littermaid has a good reputation, and I hate dealing with scooping the poop, I gave in. My fault for having pets, right? It is noisy, but I can handle this, though I am not pleased about it. I am sure it’s possible to make a quieter motor. What-ev.

It’s the obvious design flaw that makes me swear. The tines travel smoothly through the litter to their ultimate destination, but so does the housing about an inch behind them. The problem here is that while the tines move the dirty litter, the housing moves the clean litter and I end up with a receptacle full of CLEAN litter which makes it fill up fast and wastes litter. It also dumps litter, and sometimes poo out the sides of the tray at the disposal end. When I clean the machine, a lot more often than they lead you to believe, I frequently end up scooping stuff back out of the disposal box into the tray, and then hand scooping it back into the receptacle to empty. The only thing that makes this any better than a regular hand-scooping cat tray is I only have to do it every few days instead of twice a day. Maybe that should be enough to keep me from complaining, but it’s not.

Don’t waste your money on the Littermaid special litter, either. It’s just awful. I went through an entire bag in the first week. The World’s Best Cat Litter (multi-cat formula because we have 2 little beasties), which I have discussed here previously, works MUCH better (it’s the best litter out there as far as I am concerned). Haven’t tried regular clumping litter, yet.

For the good points: the tray is plenty big, the carpet accessories are nice- and for as much mess as this thing makes, necessary- and it has not jammed up (yet).

I would not buy this unit again. If I hadn’t paid so much for it, I’d toss it and try something else. I will suffer through another few months, at least, so I feel like I got some of money’s worth. Or until I take the sledgehammer to it. Do I have a better solution to a litter tray? No, but a minor re-design of this thing may be a start.


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