The Subtle Pumpkin

I just wrote a review on Amazon for Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice coffee.  I would like to share this product with all of you because I think it’s really nice.  Apparently, I’m not the only who thinks so.  I found this blog in my search for the link to said product.  Gotta agree with you, here, Katie!

I am not a coffee person, yet I have a glass or 2 of iced coffee every morning with my “email and blog”, and sometimes a random glass of iced or cup of hot coffee finds its way into my hand during the day- damn California for having a Starbuck’s on every block!  However, I do not like the taste of coffee.  *NOTE:  I use about 4 tablespoons of almond or soy milk in my coffee and about 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar.

Let me clarify:  A cup of “Joe” is not my thing.  I like “foofy” coffee drinks.  Start adding sugars, syrups, flavourings, and milk, and words such as LATTE and FRAPPUCCINO, and you’ve got my taste buds’ attention.  Though my palette for coffee itself is not refined, I know a good bean from a bad one.  If a flavoured coffee tastes like OMG IN YOUR FACE I AM A FLAVOURED COFFEE!!! it’s not for me.  I like subtle flavours.  I like a coffee that makes me want a cookie, or that tastes like I am having a cup with a piece of pie.

I never drank coffee until I moved to California the first time.  My relationship back then was a tall, muscular, intelligent, funny rock of a man with a penchant for football, golf, and coffee.  Specifically, any team that was playing a game, 18 holes at least twice a week, and Grande Low-fat, No-foam Lattes.  It took me 6 months to get be able to go into Starbuck’s and get that tongue-twister right.  Whenever we were out and about,  Mr. Latte and Shooshie would find the coffee shop while I did whatever shopping for which I was out.  Inevitably, I would soon hear a delighted teenage voice admonishing me that I had to try this “blah blah yada yada” pretentious sounding coffee concoction with a title that belonged in an art gallery, not a cup.  “Just try a sip, Mum!”


I believe it was a White Raspberry Mocha Frapuccinno that did me in.  But that’s another story.

But I still don’t like COFFEE.

But this is nice coffee.

Before you buy a big bag, go to Target and get the 99 cent sample pouch.  I think you get 4 cups of coffee out of it.  It’s not IN YOUR FACE pumpkin spice.  The coffee itself is smooth, and the flavouring is subtle.  I was walking from the kitchen to my computer and took a sip, and immediately got that “ooh! this is nice” sensation.

Now, you have to understand, this “ooh! this is nice” is what compels me to share a thing.  If I don’t notice the taste of a food-thing, or if a thing-thing doesn’t make me stop and feel some emotion or delight, then it’s not worth mentioning.  This coffee did it for me.


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