Merchandiser Me

I bought this piece of furniture from Haverty’s to use as a sort of secretary/computer desk in our previous place.  Now I am retrofitting it as a dresser and curio hutch.  It was being sold missing parts, but that was great because I could make it what I needed.  I wanted a glass shelf for the curio top, though.  I cannot seem to find a glass shop around the So-Cal area in which I currently reside, and because what I was able to locate online was crazy expensive which the Scottish half of my genetics refuses to even acknowledge as a potential possibility, I kicked into merchandiser mode (past career experience) and came up with this solution.  I’m pleased with it, and no longer see the need for a shelf.  At least for now.  Until I change my mind in a couple of months.  I am a Re-Decoration-A-Holic.


Everything here is a sentimental piece of my life.  Gifts from special people, bits of my childhood (including a bear my mother and Shooshie made from my baby blanket), collectible pieces like my gargoyle, photos of my Shooshie… I still need to fill the hearts photo frame.

The white mini-nightstand, that makes a fabulous display component, is a replica of the American Girl doll Molly’s that my dad made for Shooshie when she was 8.  He made the bed, too, which is packed away awaiting a new child in the family to play with it.  (I just looked up Molly’s furniture and they no longer make the nightstand!)  I made the “seashelled” M and R, as well as the Fairy Door which became the perfect display for the fairy figurine The Brit got me for last Christmas.  The seashell photo-frame that Shooshie and I made when she was little was the piece that inspired me to do the trinket boxes and frames I have in my Etsy store.

I love to go into my room and look at this display.  It makes me feel grounded.

Do you have special items on display in your personal space that give you a sense of ease?  Items with memories you like to revisit from time to time?


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