Twig the Fairy

“Twig the Fairy’s Magical Wings For You” by Grant Brummett

I love fairies.  This is not a blog post about fairies, though.  It’s about something that made me really happy, today.  Twig the Fairy is writing a new book!  She’s using Kickstarter to help fund it (I helped!).  Thanks to KS, normal people like you and me, and even fairies can get the chance to contribute to the world.  But the REALLY wonderful thing is, not only did she make her goal, she’s well surpassed it, and still has 11 days to go!

I’ll let you click on Twig’s link << (right there!) to see who she is instead of me telling you.  You have to see Twig to believe her.  She’s even in Wikipedia!

Now, Twig has done this before, for her previous book, but this time the response has been amazing.  I don’t know Twig personally, and this is not an attempt to promote her.  I just know her work from what I see on her website and other online sources.  Twig makes people happy.  Obviously, she makes a LOT of people happy, considering how much she has raised for her latest project.  So this post is simply for Twig, and all the fairies, and all the believers in fairies out there.

Thank you, Twig!!  ❤ u


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