Meggie’s Window

Time, now, for a little harmless self-promotion.

A couple of years ago, I decided to open an Etsy shoppe to sell the handmade gifts I love to create, primarily my seashell trinket boxes.  “Shooshie” helped me set it up, but my confidence derailed me before I listed a single item, and so Meggie’s Window sat.  And waited.  And waited….

And… then my fiance’ got this awesome job at an awesome company in California.  My own company didn’t have any positions open for me in the area we were moving to, as they had when I’d moved a year earlier to be with said “skinny Brit”, so we decided that I would take this opportunity of unemployment to work on my own thing.  Well, not WE decided so much as HE did.  I have a pretty awesome fella  🙂

I am grateful and appreciative as all heck for the opportunity to stay home and play at crafts all day and wait for my store to become a success.  I feel guilty for it, too.  Crafting is my hobby.  It has been since my parents gave me my first plastic scissors- pink ones- and a bottle of Elmer’s glue and a pile of paper to cut and paste.  I was 2 when I created my first masterpiece of a bouquet of roses with my finger paints!  So to say crafting is my work makes me feel like a bum.  “If you love what you do, is it really a job?”  I hope I can make it one.

Etsy makes it easy and inexpensive to sell my wares.  I have several crafty friends with Etsy stores, or who sell great stuff in other venues.  In the spirit of creativity, I am going to promote a few of them, now…

Endlessly Curiouser creates beautiful jewelry from old silverware and bottle-caps.  This is considered “up-cycling“.  I love it.  I’ve bought a couple of pieces from her, myself, so I can attest to how lovely her work is.  She does other crafty business, too.  Check her out on her FaceBook store page.

Splendid Owl does handmade jewelry and accessories, too.  Her style is fun, and like most crafty types, she loves to try new things.  I’ve known Lin for a while; she’s a super lady prone to fits of hyper-creativity.  Like EC, she sells on FaceBook and at local craft shows and shops.

Nerdalicious Crafts has been featured in one of my previous posts for the picture she made for me of the belly dancer.  Aside from her pen and ink art, she creates strange, nerdy, and fun items from up-cycled and new materials.

As for me, I do a lot of different things.  Natural materials are some of my favourite things to work with.  Seashells, twigs, moss, stones, and anything else I might find on a walk through the woods or the along the beach become picture frames, trinket boxes, candle holders, and jewelry.  On the flip-side, paper, wood bits, fabric scraps, sequins, beads, buttons, ribbons, and even Styro-foam have always been favourites since childhood.

To be honest, I started this blog as a tool to help promote Meggie’s Window (which is also on FaceBook).  Now, however, I am finding blogging to be a new and separate hobby!  This social media thing is new to me- I only started on FB to play FarmVille- but I’m having fun with it.  I like connecting with people of like mind and interests.

From time to time, I will share some of my creations and simple project ideas.  I look forward to seeing what others are doing, too, here on WordPress.



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