I’m writing a short post, today, because I want to post this article about another girl who blogs.  STELLA

Health and weight have long since linked themselves arm in arm and traveled the road of debate.  I’m not saying that all skinny girls are unhealthy, or that all skinny girls even TRY to be skinny.  I am not advocating unhealthy eating or activity habits.  People come in all shapes and sizes, and you can’t change bone structure; sometimes there are other issues affecting a person’s weight, like Stella.

…Like my mother, who has suffered thyroid issues her whole life.  Mum fought hard for every pound she ever lost, but those pounds always found her again.  She’s a short, thickly-bone-structured, chubby, Italian woman from Brooklyn, accent and all- think Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond– and she’s always going to be.

My daughter is gorgeous.  She’s done some modeling.  She was always thin, despite the heavier bone structure typical of the women in the Italian parts of her family (“Shooshie’s” father was Italian, too), until depression piled on the pounds a couple of years ago.  Now, finally getting out of the issue causing that emotional state (she should have listened to her mother!), she’s losing the weight.  She’s not over-weight to the point of being unhealthy; she’s no where near that.  But she wonders if she will ever lose it all and get back to her “normal” figure.  For a long time, the possibility that she wouldn’t bothered her.  Now, when she thinks about going back to modeling, she thinks REAL GIRL SIZE modeling, like Robyn Lawley.

The only thing that matters is being healthy and happy.


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