Mr. Peanut Has Been A Naughty Boy

Another peanut butter recall.  What is up with peanuts?  I love peanut butter and most anything that it can be a part of, but I am terrified to eat it anymore!  I wonder at the contaminate-ability of peanuts.  Are they susceptible to disease?  Do grocers and farmers keep them too long because they don’t realise how prone to contaminants they are?  It makes sense that nuts would be a delicate food because they contain fat and oil. Fats and oils breakdown and can significantly change the chemistry and nutritional quality, as well as flavour of the food.  This goes for all legumes, which include beans, thus, applies to coffee, too.

I am going to plant my own peanuts and make my own butter from now on.  This contamination issue is becoming, pardon the pun, but, despite the seriousness of this issue, this one is too good to pass up…

wait for it…

here it comes…

too wide-spread

…to not be more than concerned.  Seriously, though… I am beginning to wonder if it’s safe to eat anything anymore that has not come from my own garden.


Even most dry pet foods are easily spoiled because they use cheap sources of rendered fats and oils- sometimes animal, sometimes vegetable.  Dry pet foods DO spoil, break down, and get generally gross more easily than most people understand.  It is easy to assume that pet foods are perfectly fine and healthy.  After all, look at all those carefree K-9s cavorting through daisy-covered fields, or the purring pusses reposing on sunny window sills in all of those pet food commercials!  And these companies are just as concerned for our fluffy friends as we are, right?

Read your pet’s food ingredient list.  After a chat with my vet of 25 years about a health issue with one of my cats, I started reading labels and researching the truth about pet food.  I was taken aback.  I started cooking for my cats.  Dr. Sanders said that I didn’t have to go that far for every day feeding, and recommended  what I should look for in shopping for cat foods.  I spent an hour at PetSmart one afternoon reading cat food labels.

Now we use Blue Buffalo dry cat food, which our guys really like (you can get a $3 off coupon if you go to their site).  We also shop at our local Kriser’s (conveniently located next-door to our favourite human supermarket), which carries only organic, natural, no-junk, healthy pet foods.  Yes, this can get expensive, but pets are living creatures!  They are akin to our children!  Would you feed your kid salmonella-infected peanut butter?  I didn’t think so.  This does not mean that you HAVE to spend $1.25 a can for cat food every day.  Based on the ingredients and nutrition, Fancy Feast is a good option for good quality, more health conscience cat food.  We alternate FF with the organics, and it seems to be working out well for both of our cats.  There has been a significant reduction in shedding, which I learned is an issue stemming from the presence of glutens in the food, and the health issue my kitty was having seems to be clearing up, as well (he had an inflammation of the gums that can result from junk in pet foods like glutens, and the breakdowns of fats in dry food).

BY THE WAY… That peanut recall?  It pertains to peanut butter-flavoured dog treats, too, so check your treats.                                                         Image

If you live in Pinellas County, Florida, and need a veterinarian, check out THE BEST group of DVM’s ever!  All of our Florida pets for the past 25 years have been patients here.  As a matter of fact, they saved one of my cats when she was only hours from dying.  “Best care anywhere!”


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