Home Marketing: Comparison Shopping

We all have little shortcuts or easier, more efficient ways of doing every day tasks.  Sometimes, these gems of wisdom are passed down from previous generations, those with more experience than we in matters of domesticity.  I am NO expert in this area, but I do have a few processes and products that make my life a little easier.  (My daughter delights in telling people that the only thing domestic about her mother is that she lives in a house.)

When you are obsessive-compulsive, and hate the process of cleaning as much as one such as myself, and cannot afford hired help, you strive to find ways to make it as easy and painless as possible.  In building my repertoire, I have found it necessary to compare products to find the most efficient and cost-effective items to add to my arsenal.  These comparison shopping projects, ranging from ceiling fans to tuna fish, quickly became a fun game for my daughter and me when she was small.  We still do them, even now that she is an adult.  The issues of environmental friendliness, pet, animal, child, and other-people-living-in-the-house friendliness have also been factors in our decisions.  Like recipes, these helpful products and ideas are shared amongst friends and family.  Sometimes someone comes up with something even better.

Publix, our favourite supermarket chain when I lived in Florida, would put comparison shopper sales on throughout the year.  Buy the national brand and try their store brand for free.  Eight out of 10 times, I liked the Publix product better for 2 or more reasons.  Publix rocks.  Anyway, even though something costs more, it doesn’t mean it’s better, contrary to what some believe.

My motto:  You don’t always get what you pay for, and you may be surprised by what you get for cheaper.

That being said, my suggestions are not based on price.  They are based on overall efficiency and quality.  There are things I pay “a little more” for because they are worth it.  Today, I submit to you just such an item:



I started using this litter after I saw it on a TV commercial.  They do not lie when they say how great it is.  I have used it with multiple cats, including an adult cat and 3 kittens.  It holds in the moisture and odor, clumps immediately and tightly, and does not create dust like clay, or even the best clumping litters do.  It is more expensive, but WORTH EVERY PENNY.  I found a bag of World’s Best to last about a week longer than my brand of choice at the time, Arm & Hammer, which I consider to be the 2nd best litter I have ever tried.  Not all grocers carry it, but PetSmart does (as does Publix) for around $9 for a 7lb bag.

Earlier today, I found a coupon for a free bag, and promptly shared said bounty with my friends on FaceBook.  And now, ladies and gentlemen, I share it here with you 🙂  (included the link above).


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